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Motion Technologies provides Best Searching tools for searching multiple websites throughout the internet for jobs, cars and properties etc. . Our tools include Job Finder, Car Finder Property Finder, ….

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Motion Technologies development team have created many Android Apps that are available for free to our valuable clients …

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We provide an optimized Resume Search engine for free. Users can upload their resumes through our Android App for Free. Recruiter search our database to find skilled employees for their companies for free.

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Our Searching tools include an Android App for posting Jobs online, available for free. Our development team have created a procedure through which the posted job is optimized and quickly provides results from Search Engines.

Motion Technologies

Over 100,000 consumers, sales, marketing and recruiting professionals use our tools to accelerate internet based research. The research done all depends on the product in question and we have many for you to choose from.

Motion Technologies has been inventing technology and business processes that simplify internet research since 2000. Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, you can benefit from letting Motion Technologies handle your internet searching needs. All our products are designed to improve productivity, eliminate wasted time, reduce hassle, and produce the best results.

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                  General Items for Sale - android app

Search all the best classifieds and marketplaces for anything posted for sale online for sale with one click from your Android. 

Find the best deals on a wide range of items; search ALL the best classified sites at once.

Meet the General Items for Sale for Android; the only tool you need to find the best deals on-the-go.

                         Install General Items for Sale for Android

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The most comprehensive for sale finder on the market!

Are you a deal seeker who always checks,, Oodle, and then Backpage for all the best dealers? Whether you are looking to buy books, movies, video game consoles, kids toys, and just about anything in between – you can find it with General Stuff for Sale.

Search all the best classified and online marketplaces with one search. Websites searched include, but aren’t limited to, Craigslist, eBay, Oodle, Backpage, and Kijiji.

General Stuff for Sale is a unique app in that it saves you both time and money. Securing a great deal no longer requires hours of research.

• Search with keyword, zip code, and search radius.
• Sort listed based on price, location, or title.
• Add listings to your favorite list.
• Remove listings for easy price and quality comparing.
• Auto-dial sellers to snag that good price fast.
• And more!

Note: If looking to purchase cars, please checkout our Cars for Sale App for the best results.

If you have any questions, comments, need troubleshooting assistance or if you would like to have this android app customized to fit your personal wants and needs, please contact us directly at



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